Over the horizon,

Where the sun, lazes about,

The wise man shall toil,

He shall grow tall,

Hover above the horizon,

There, where the sun strolls about,

The fool shall look,

He shall look,

And like furrow weeds,

His sight Shall fade.

-Isaac Muhumuza.



I’m in love,
Deep in love with the female,
All females,
I am In love with their smooth skin,
Their gentility,
I’m in love with the females.

Their smiles,
Their laughter,
Their nature,
I’m in love with the females,

Their bodies are a source of awe,
Shaped in perfection,
Oh, the adolescent me is speaking,
Now I know I’m growing,
Haha, I am growing..

The female nature,
I’m in love with it,
In love with them.

Oh, I am in love❤